Shiny Sink

This week's challange: Shine your sink!
Okay homemakers, time to look at your sink.  Is it empty, clean, and dry? No?? Then get ready for this week's challenge.  I want you to go shine your sink and keep it empty, clean and dry every day for the next week.  This is a trick I learned from my Granny to keep my sink looking as new as possible. To my suprise, when my sink is shiny, my kitchen stays cleaner!   

  1. Fill the sinks with hot water and 1 cup bleach up to 2 inches below sink rim and allow to sit about 1 hour. 
  2. Drain sink and scrub basins, tops and faucet area with Clorox powder or borax.  Clean the faucet spout and underneath the faucet (where it meets the sink) with CLR or the WORKS.  
  3. Finally, spray with windex and dry thoroughly with a towel. 
  4. After each use, wipe down and dry your sink and never, ever leave food laden dishes in your sink. This sinple daily rule is key to a cleaner kitchen!   
Clean your sink every few months or so and follow the daily rule of wiping down and drying your sink after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I think you will find that the rest of your kitchen is cleaner much more pleasant to be in!

Use the comment section to add your own tips or share how you are doing on this challenge.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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