Create a Morning Routine

As a stay-at-home mom to an 6 month old, I don't leave my house everyday, and I'll admit that on those days (Okay, and sometimes even when I know I'll be leaving) its hard to get out of my pjs. The idea of putting on my jeans feels restricting. Honestly, what is the harm in being comfy all day? I am so tired and so busy with my daughter that I have a hard time finding time for a shower, let alone getting dressed Besides, when you spend the majority of your day cleaning, cooking, and getting spit up on, what is the point? I am embarrassed to admit that I have gone to the store with my husband, he, having just returned from work, dressed in black slacks and a polo shirt, and I, having been home all day, dressed in my Victoria Secret sweats and a tank top. I justify this by reminding myself that I still look cute--Victoria Secret is not for the Frumpy!
I suppose I have continued on this way for so long because it is "normal." I see other stay-at-home-moms in the grocery store wearing jumpsuits and sweat pant outfits, and mom's on Dr. Phil who berate their husbands for actually suggesting that they be dressed up and looking good for them--and when during the day while taking care of their house and their children would they like her to do this?? Even my own husband never complains--the fact that I am wearing Victoria Secret, and that he can hardly manage to watch our daughter for more than an hour most likely keeps him from speaking up.
Then I began to notice something. I got a lot more accomplished during my day when I was dressed! I watched less television, and I felt like working, plus I got compliments from my dear hubby when I was dressed with hair and make up done. I thought about my Granny, the most productive housewife I know, who is always dressed and wearing shoes before anyone else is up for the day. She would never spend the day in sweats, kitchen sink full of dishes, laundry piling up. She gets up in the morning, makes her bed, and gets herself ready from her hair down to her shoes. Her house is always neat and orderly, surfaces cleared of clutter, dishes done after every meal. She has time to garden, time to golf, time to relax. She is a great example today of the 1950's era housewife.
I want that.
So I issued my self a challenge.

The challenge: Create a morning Routine

  • Set your alarm clock: Pick a time to get up and stick to it, within a half an hour. You will get so much more done during the day with those extra morning hours than you ever get accomplished at night. Turn of the television an hour earlier at night and use that extra hour in the morning being productive!
  • Make your bed: Make your bed and take dirty clothes to the laundry, so that you start your day with at least one clean, de-cluttered room that you can retreat to for a moment of clarity. As a bonus, getting into a freshly made bed is one of my favorite things!
  • Get dressed-hair to shoes: Take a shower if you are a morning shower person, do your hair and makeup, get dressed and put on shoes. Getting dressed will tell your body that rest time is over that it is time to work. Dont let your carpet be an excuse--designate yourself a pair of "in-the-house shoes" and put them on every morning.
That''s it. Three things. You can add more to your routine as time goes on, but we are starting with manageable and realistic goals. Stick to this schedule Monday-Friday and remember that you although you are not "not working" you are "working at home."   More importantly, you may be one the few homemakers that the people you come across know--make those encounters count.  Your example could help other women to be better homemakers or even change someone's mind about homemaking.    

Questions for Reflection

  1. What would you like to get accomplished during the day that you simply cannot find time for? Could you get up an hour earlier to give yourself more time?
  2. What do you find to be the hardest part of this new routine? Why? What can you do to make this part easier for yourself?
  3. How has getting "dressed to shoes" (Thank you flylady for that phrase) changed your mindset during the day?

Please feel free to leave share your experience in the comment section.

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