Modesty for the Modern Catholic--Part 1: Introduction to Modesty

Immodesty is everywhere—on television, in ads, on  the street, in your husband’s office, in your children’s school, perhaps in our own dress and conduct.  We have become so indoctrinated by our sex-obsessed culture that we accept immodesty, hardly notice it, or in an attempt to avoid seeming like prudes, we ignore, allow, and even participate in immodest conduct and dress.  I have been all of the above at one time or another. 

It wasn’t until I had my first daughter that I really began to recognize the sex-obsession of our culture, the ridiculousness of many women’s behavior (including my own at one time), and the sad effect this has had on our boys and men.  I examined my own life and found that the many of the songs I listen to, the shows I watch, the way I used to dress, and even my own personal conduct has always not match up with the Catholic values regarding modesty that I want to instill in my daughters. 

  I was inspired to study modesty.  What is it?  What does the church and the bible say about modesty?  What is modesty in marriage? What is the practical application of modesty?

  These are all topics we are going to be studying over the next few weeks in a series, entitled, “Modesty for the Modern Catholic.   My goal—and I hope yours as well—Is to understand the church’s position on modesty, both in dress and in conduct, and learn how to both better align my life with the church’s teaching and instill healthy modesty in my children. 


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