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I thought I would share my first endeavor creating my very own crochet patterns for sale on Etsy.  For my fellow crafty Homemakers, Etsy is a fantastic website that allows you to sell your homemade goods through your very own online store.  All you need is an free Etsy Account and  Paypal. Etsy charges $.20 for a 3 month listing plus a small portion of your sale price--a pretty good deal for the exposure. 

I have been working diligently for the past week and a half to get a few patterns ready for sale.  My first two patterns, a set of cookies and a set of three Halloween Characters are finally ready to go up and I listed them last night--so exciting to see my items up for sale when I did a search for them.  You can visit my store at:

These little guys turned out so cute! 

So, today I thought I would offer some advice for all of you super crocheters who are interested in making your own crochet patterns.

I use a spiral notebook and PENCIL to write out my fist draft of my patterns.  You are going to make lots of mistakes, so do not use pen or you will end up with a jumbled mess!    Take the time to write out each Row/Round as you crochet them, even if you are not sure if what you are doing is working.  You can always erase!  Don't take the chance of forgetting exactly how you did something.
Don't worry about writing out your pattern in perfect form at this stage.  Just get it on paper in a way
Step 2:   You have a finished product and First drat of your pattern.  Time to type it out!  Type up your pattern using proper form. You can find a list of pattern abbreviations at and other pattern information at www.crochetandmore.com .  I also found it helpful to look at similar patterns as I wrote out my first one.  If I was making a stuffed animal pattern for instance, I would use a stuffed animal pattern as guide on how to word my instructions.

Step 3: Print out your pattern and look for errors.  Remake the project, following your pattern instructions exactly.  If you can, find a friend to work the pattern. 
     Are your instructions clear? 
     Are any steps missing?
     Is there anything else-like pictures- you could add that would make your instructions more clear?

Step 4:  Share your pattern!   You can sell your patterns online, at sites like Etsy or even Ebay, submit your patterns to Crochet magazines for cash, or submit your patterns to crochet sites and give away your patterns. 

Take your time and double check your work, especially if you are going to sell your designs.  I would also suggest starting with a project that you have a similar existing pattern for while you are learning how to write patterns. My spooky Trio was one of my first patterns.  A few of the stitches I used to make the pumpkin--Increasing and decreasing in FPDC--I think,  are not in any other pattern or crochet forum that I have seen.  It turned out great, but made for a daunting first project as there is not a standard way to describe how to make the stitch.

Good Luck, and Happy Crocheting!


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