Catholic Resources

The following is a list of my favorite online Catholic Resources. 

Bible Christian Society --Free messages on Catholic Apologetics and more.  A great resource for moms who want to become better witnesses for the Catholic Church to non-Catholics.

Catholic Answers Live--Catholic Apologetics and radio show archives online to listen to for free, and a forum where you can find answers to all of your questiosn regarding faith issues.

Natural Family Planning--LEARN NFP FOR FREE!!  Free and complete online guide to Natural Family planning. Learn the method, importance and Blessings of using NFP and download the NFP chart all for free.

New Advent--Relevant News articles, The entire Catholic Encyclopedia online, Writings of the Church Fathers in their entireties, and an online Bible.

Read through the Bible and Catechism in a Year -- If you can set aside about 30 minutes a day, you can read through the Bible and the Catholic Catechism in a year.  This link will take you to Stephen Ray's blog, where you can print out a chart showing you each day's Bible and Catechism passages.

Know of another great Catholic resource? Send me a message or leave a comment.  I would be glad to add to this list!