Friday-Date Night

      You and your hubby fell in love over dinner dates, movie nights and fun nights out, and those are exactly what will keep you together.  So, pick a night (We do Friday Nights) put the kiddos to bed early, send them to grandmas, or just send them off to play in another room.  Friday night is date night for you and your wonderful hubby!

Need some date ideas?

  • Go to dinner at your favorite local restaurant.  Talk about life, love, politics, the hilarious thing your little one said or did--anything but "family business."  
  • Take a walk--around the block, around a local park, in the mall--  and hold hands! Talk about your hopes and dreams for your home, vacations you want to take 
  • Make Pizza or get take out and watch a movie.  
  • Sit together and cuddle while drinking a glass of wine, beer or grape juice in special glasses.
  • Go to a local sporting event!  Share some cotton candy, and a pop. 
  • Play a board game or cards or whatever floats your boat.  Make a bet: winner gets a back rub, foot rub or ________ (fill in the blank) 
  • Go to bed early and have some "couple" time.   Hey, its a beautiful and holy thing, dont be shy about it! 
It doesn't matter what you do.  All that matters is that you and your hubby spend some quality time together, laughing, loving and enjoying each other!

Challenge: Plan out a "date" night every week for at least 1 month.

Questions for reflection:
  • How has this challenge changed your attitude towards your husband?
  • Have you noticed any changes in the way your husband relates to you?
  • How has making your relationship with your husband a priority changed your marriage?

Please fell free to share your ideas or experiences in the comments section.

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