Monday: Meal Prep

t's Monday again, which is the day I like to prep the meals for the rest of the week. On todays agenda:

  • Ground Beef--I found ground beef on sale ($4.75 for a 3 lb package), and need to brown the ground beef to freeze for spaghetti, tacos, and hamburger helper.
  • Salad--i buy spinach and lettuce, carrots and bulk radishes to make toss salad (cheaper than buying in bag, but we wont use it unless it's pre-prepped so I have to make our salads for the week.  
  • I saved some spinach back in a small bag to use for pastas, and other cooking.
  • Citrus fruit salad--My Granny gave me some grapefruit from her house in FL.  I bought a few oranges and am making a Citrus fruit salad for the week.  
  • Orange peel--I grated froze orange peels to use in future recipes
  • Carrots--I buy regular carrots ($0.75/#) instead of baby carrots ($1.50 per #) I shredded some for stir fry and salads, and the rest i chopped to use as a veggie side dish. 

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